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Welcome to Moonwell Dancers!

Founded in February 2005 (by Cyradis, Hyacinth, Phedra, and Flibjib), Moonwell Dancers is a casual, friendly Alliance guild on the Uldum server.

We play World of Warcraft for fun, and the guild has grown based on the idea that players can reach their shared goals in a friendly atmosphere far more effectively than in the cutthroat environment typical of so-called "raiding" guilds. We raid. We just have fun doing it.

We also have achievement seekers. And battleground and arena gurus. We're knowledgable and helpful. And we have plenty of casual players who just like to explore what Azeroth has to offer.

Raid Progress: Queen Azshara in Eternal Palace: First defeated on October 6, 2019

The Queen is ... not dead!

If you look at the progress made from Thursday to today, it's remarkable how quickly we adjusted and learned.

Contributions everywhere...

Understanding the timing at the start to maximize the uptime of pre-pots, in turn guaranteeing only one hulk! (Confession: I screwed up the timing on our kill, and was unable to use a second potion later.)

A key set of Weak Auras that really helped us in the transitions (even if some of the time, the outcome was still a bit baffling).

A crucial change where we ignore the spellcaster adds and focus on only the myrmidon, speeding up the phase considerably.

Finally, incredible focus from everyone to watch the soak panels and keep them powered to avoid catastrophic damage.

We've obviously not seen the last of Azshara -- lorewise, it couldn't be any other way given her prominence and power -- but what an incredibly satisfying finish to the tier!

I love how well we worked as a team last night -- now go take a well-earned raid break and be ready to rock when 8.3 lands on us!

Queen Azshara

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