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Summary of Horrific Visions

TitleHorrific Visions
Minimum Leveln/a
DateThursday January 16, 2020
Invite Time04:45 PM Server Time To avoid being replaced, be online and ready for an invite at this time
Start Time05:00 PM Server Time
Event LeaderMirenna
# Participants10/30

Want a legendary cloak? Want to upgrade it? Well, then, you are going to be doing horrific visions.

To go, you must...

1. Have gotten your cloak, which is a fairly extensive quest chain (set aside a couple hours).

2. As part of that, you will do a baby horrific vision. Make sure you kill the big bad at the end in time! (or you don't get a cloak)

3. You have to have a Vessel of Horrific Visions, which you get for 1000 of the new corrupted currency (easy to get via main invasion).

Our priority will be mains, of course, but alts are welcome IF YOU ARE PROPERLY PREPARED. If you fail in a horrific vision, you do not get the cloak upgrade, so we will be generally playing it safe. We do NOT want to waste opportunities, especially early in the patch.

We will spend a couple of minutes at the beginning of each vision explaining how they work, and what to do -- but bear with us, because we are learning, too.

Even if you have no idea what to do, mains are welcome -- we'll help you learn, and then you can work on alts once you know what's up!


Mirenna01/13 11:04 AMAlarienelArdennaElosienEmresselInleithienKalisarKarestocRithilirSefrinielTumandrelUilokeVirod
Kayhless01/13 12:03 PMKruge
Valifadin01/13 05:37 PMAksunamunAliwinAmorileaAphoraPionicaSoliare
Alaissa01/13 07:08 PMCassaluaTyrine
Fanfiction01/13 08:49 PMRipplesSunjewel
Armott01/14 08:52 PMOzo
Amaterasu01/14 09:52 PMAkayKalishnykova
Izolde01/15 10:15 PM
Magicw├Čthin01/16 05:35 PMMagicmikeMithian
Hyacinth01/16 07:31 PMBeldin


Hyacinthyay! there's still power and network :)