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Summary of Halloween Party!!!

TitleHalloween Party!!!
Minimum Leveln/a
DateSaturday October 21, 2017
Invite Time05:15 PM Server Time To avoid being replaced, be online and ready for an invite at this time
Start Time05:30 PM Server Time
Event LeaderDahija
# Participants12/40

It's that time of year again, on a special day and date. :)

More details soon!


Karestoc10/09 10:23 PMAlarienelArdennaElosienEmresselMirennaRithilirTumandrel
Dahija10/09 10:23 PMAnumDanainaeDrewdigEsbjörnMaigreySmenkhkare
Ripples10/09 10:30 PMFanfictionSunjewel
Raewyn10/10 01:43 PMElunaraFenrir
Mesilana10/10 11:44 PMJenzelleResariaSephrielleTalianaZyrande
Skagerrak10/16 12:33 AMBrünnhildeInvidiaMarisellaMemelleNorfairSevarahSvetaköln
Azzurus10/17 06:39 PMTentative
Valifadin10/19 03:58 AMAksunamunAliwinAmorileaPionica
Shaada10/21 03:57 AMTentativeSaafaShaadakhShaakaShaanaeShalallaShihanaSubhuti
Lotte10/21 12:39 PMAdoremeKiriShandraloreShandy
Sindoriel10/21 05:54 PMTentativeElloneriaValintina
Prymusunum10/21 06:54 PM


SkagerrakLooking to win the costume contest. Bring your A game if you want to beat the Skag line up.
ShaadaRL has been trying, will try to stop in for the party though!
LotteWill be in and out. Watching THE GAME tonight.


Bummed you won't be able to make it, Rathor/Ayanna :( — Mirenna at 21 Oct 2017 7:19 PM
Wanna and I will have to miss the fun(family obligation) but will buy the winner a pet from the Blizzard store. — Rathor at 21 Oct 2017 5:14 PM
Pretty sure Azz is gonna win again like a nerd. — Ripples at 18 Oct 2017 7:32 PM
/popcorn — Mirenna at 18 Oct 2017 10:28 AM
You can keep dreamin', Skag, but I have this on lock. — Azzurus at 17 Oct 2017 6:39 PM