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Summary of Uldir

Minimum Level120
DateSaturday October 13, 2018
Invite Time04:45 PM Server Time To avoid being replaced, be online and ready for an invite at this time
Start Time05:00 PM Server Time
Raid LeaderMirenna
# Participants16/30

Continuation from Thursday night, with the likelihood this is a fresh heroic raid!

All welcome, hoping for 340+ for gear since we'll be pushing a bit further into Uldir!

If you're having trouble getting gear, let someone know -- we can run mythic and mythic+ dungeons to help! :)


Taloc the Corruptedvideo
Fetid Devourervideo
Zek'voz, Herald of N'zothvideo
Zul, Rebornvideo
Mythrax the Unravelervideo


Mirenna10/08 04:15 PMArdennaElosienEmresselKarestocRithilirTumandrelVirod
Fanfiction10/09 05:27 PMRipples
Valifadin10/09 09:57 PMAmorilea
Mesilana10/09 10:39 PMJenzelleResariaSephrielleTalianaZyrande
Lyceris10/10 03:42 AMByakurenHakureiNarmayaSakuya
Thephia10/10 11:11 AMDelvynLeahnaThellmarWelton
Raewyn10/10 07:27 PMFenrir
Shandralore10/10 08:11 PMLotte
Sindoriel10/11 04:32 PMElloneriaKathyValintina
Aelsanor10/13 07:26 AMTentative
Muchoblades10/13 11:51 AM
Promethues10/13 01:57 PMIf NeededRuadan
Shaada10/13 03:09 PMShaabaalShaadaishShaaeShaakaSubhuti
Eirys10/13 07:10 PMDraxaKalthosYamoroZoktovar
Meredith10/13 07:10 PM
Kayhless10/13 07:24 PM


AelsanorI'll try to be on. Might be late. No worries if there's no room when I'm on. :D
MuchobladesHave a work event. May be late.