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Summary of Uldir

Minimum Level120
DateSaturday January 12, 2019
Invite Time05:15 PM Server Time To avoid being replaced, be online and ready for an invite at this time
Start Time05:30 PM Server Time
Raid LeaderMirenna
# Participants16/10

Funsie Uldir heroic. No, not trying to get another AotC, just getting as far as we can. :)


Taloc the Corruptedvideo
Fetid Devourervideo
Zek'voz, Herald of N'zothvideo
Zul, Rebornvideo
Mythrax the Unravelervideo


Mirenna01/07 07:49 PMArdennaElosienEmresselKarestocRithilirTumandrelVirod
Fanfiction01/07 07:49 PMRipples
Armott01/07 07:50 PM
Awilix01/07 07:53 PM
Thellmar01/08 08:33 PMDelvynLeahnaThephiaWelton
Lyceris01/09 08:54 PMByakurenHakureiNarmayaSakuya
Valifadin01/09 08:54 PMAmorilea
Shaada01/09 08:59 PMTentativeShaabaalShaadaishShaaeShaakaSubhuti
Valintina01/11 04:18 PMElloneriaKathySindoriel
Shandralore01/12 09:26 AMLotte
Adalien01/12 12:53 PM
Webb01/12 04:00 PMTentative
Omei01/12 06:41 PMAcerok
Kayhless01/12 06:58 PM
Hyacinth01/12 07:32 PMBeldin
Prymusunum01/12 08:01 PM


AwilixIf possible, I would like to maybe tank on my monk. : )
ShaadaShould be there, might have a friend in from out of town tho
Hyacinthsorry for late signup - didn't expect to be here. hope this is ok, will understand if it isn't