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Summary of Crucible of Storms

RaidCrucible of Storms
Minimum Level120
DateThursday April 18, 2019
Invite Time04:45 PM Server Time To avoid being replaced, be online and ready for an invite at this time
Start Time05:00 PM Server Time
Raid LeaderMirenna
# Participants15/30

Going to spend a night checking out the new (and tiny) raid. :)

All welcome!


The Restless Cabalvideo
Uu'nat, Harbinger of the Voidvideo


Mirenna04/14 06:10 PMArdennaElosienEmresselKarestocRithilirTumandrelVirod
Mesilana04/14 08:45 PMJenzelleResariaSephrielleTalianaZyrande
Platepriest04/14 11:11 PM
Armott04/15 08:21 PM
Izolde04/16 01:22 AM
Valifadin04/16 04:59 AMAmorilea
Iluvpandas04/16 11:10 AMTentative
Kayhless04/16 04:30 PM
Fanfiction04/16 05:24 PMRipples
Magicwìthin04/16 05:32 PMMithian
Thephia04/16 09:01 PMDelvynLeahnaThellmarWelton
Shandralore04/17 02:52 PMLotte
Kathy04/17 09:24 PMElloneriaSindorielValintina
Memelle04/17 10:31 PMSvetaköln
Shaada04/18 06:29 PMShaabaalShaadaishShaaeShaakaSubhuti


Orin04/18 07:12 PM


IluvpandasComing from work.
OrinThere's been a sudden change in plans, so I won't be able to attend. :( Have fun, all!


By the way. depending on how quickly we catch on, we might get a shot at heroic ... hard to say with only 2 bosses :) — Mirenna at 16 Apr 2019 1:57 PM
I'll be out of town. Good luck! — Blackvortex at 14 Apr 2019 8:30 PM