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Summary of Battle of Dazar'alor

RaidBattle of Dazar'alor
Minimum Level120
DateThursday May 2, 2019
Invite Time04:45 PM Server Time To avoid being replaced, be online and ready for an invite at this time
Start Time05:00 PM Server Time
Raid LeaderMirenna
# Participants16/30

This will be the progression night -- so trying for the best possible to get our friend Mechatorque to give us his mount. Again. :)


Ra'wani Kanaevideo
Jadefire Mastersvideo
Grong the Revenantvideo
Opulence Treasure Guardianvideo
Conclave of the Chosenvideo
King Rastakhanvideo
High Tinker Mekkatorquevideo
Stormwall Blockadevideo
Jaina Proudmoorevideo


Mirenna04/29 06:11 PMArdennaElosienEmresselKarestocRithilirTumandrelVirod
Mesilana04/29 08:27 PMJenzelleResariaSephrielleTalianaZyrande
Fanfiction04/29 08:36 PMRipples
Lyceris04/29 08:37 PMByakurenHakureiNarmayaSakuya
Platepriest04/30 12:36 AM
Kayhless04/30 08:53 PM
Valifadin05/02 03:10 AMAmorileaAphora
Magicwìthin05/02 03:12 AMMithian
Memelle05/02 05:43 AMSvetaköln
Izolde05/02 11:02 AM
Thephia05/02 11:36 AMDelvynLeahnaThellmarWelton
Iluvpandas05/02 03:43 PMTentative
Awilix05/02 06:50 PM
Shaada05/02 06:50 PMShaabaalShaadaishShaaeShaakaSubhuti
Armott05/02 06:55 PMOzo
Shandralore05/02 07:41 PMLotte


PlatepriestMaybe 10 or 15 mins late, just leaving work.
ShaadaMay have to leave early.


I have softball, so I might be a bit late as well — Mirenna at 30 Apr 2019 7:15 AM