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Summary of Crucible of Storms

RaidCrucible of Storms
Minimum Level120
DateSaturday June 15, 2019
Invite Time04:45 PM Server Time To avoid being replaced, be online and ready for an invite at this time
Start Time05:00 PM Server Time
Raid LeaderMirenna
# Participants14/30

First boss in heroic was down last week -- great job learning together, everyone -- going to try for final boss this week for AotC, Crucible style.

All welcome, just please be ready for wipes, and be prepared having seen the video and have an idea of what you need to be doing to succeed!


The Restless Cabalvideo
Uu'nat, Harbinger of the Voidvideo


Mirenna06/09 04:27 PMArdennaElosienEmresselKarestocRithilirTumandrelVirod
Fanfiction06/09 09:04 PMRipples
Mesilana06/11 12:10 PMJenzelleResariaSephrielleTalianaZyrande
Magicwìthin06/11 05:02 PMMithian
Valifadin06/11 10:11 PMAmorileaAphora
Sakuya06/11 10:33 PMByakurenHakureiLycerisNarmaya
Shaada06/13 06:32 PMShaabaalShaadaishShaaeShaakaSubhuti
Kathy06/13 07:51 PMTentativeElloneriaSindorielValintina
Armott06/13 09:01 PMOzo
Thephia06/14 11:41 PMDelvynLeahnaThellmarWelton
Memelle06/15 01:35 PMSvetaköln
Kayhless06/15 05:25 PMTentative
Shandralore06/15 05:38 PMLotte
Prymusunum06/15 07:49 PM