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A. Epitome

Part One: Minimap Facts

(be sure to make a copy of the common.MPQ file before experimenting with it)

ItemCommentMore Information
WoW minimap locationcommon.mpqCompressed as 128x128 bitmaps in *.blp format
Kalimdor1200 *.blp bitmaps200 MB Photoshop File Size
Eastern Kingdoms800 *.blp bitmaps125 MB Photoshop File Size
Outland500 *.blp bitmaps35 MB Photoshop File Size

If the minimaps were printed using a standard screen resolution of 72 pixels/inch, they would be approximately,

Kalimdor14' x 8'
Eastern Kingdoms12' x 6'
Outland6' x 6'

Part Two: Destinations

The FarmEast of the Arathi Highlands
The TowerNorth of the Eastern Plaguelands
OutlandWest-southwest of Ironforge
The Tauren SettlementSouthwest of Silithus
The Shatterspear Troll VillageNorth of Felwood
Stonetalon LakeWest of Stonetalon Peak
The South Seas IslandsSouth of Land's End Beach

Part Three: Distances

  • Kalimdor (not including Teldrassil) will fit with in a box that is 11.15 miles (18 km), by 6.53 miles (10.5 km).
  • The Eastern Kingdoms (not including the Ghostlands and Eversong Woods) will fit within a box that is 11 miles (17.63 km) by 5.2 miles (8.36 km).
  • The Outland will fit within a box that has a north-south dimension of 6 miles (9.6 km) and an east-west dimension of 6 miles (9.6 km).
  • Stormwind is roughly 647 by 399 yards wide.
  • The distance from Stormwind to Ironforge is 2.35 miles (3.77 km)
  • The Loch in Loch Modan is 0.539 miles (0.87 km) long.
  • Theramore Isle is 290 yards wide.
  • The dock in Auberdine is 373 yards long.

Part Four: Velocities

ActionSpeed (mph)Ratio/Running
Running w/gem50.42108%
Lvl 40 Mount22.57161%
Lvl 40 Mount w/crop 24.83177%
Lvl 60 Mount28.17201%
Lvl 60 Mount w/crop 31.07221%
Normal Bird22.4160%
Normal Bird w/crop24.7176%
Epic Bird: horizontal53.2379%
Epic Bird: vertical53.2379%
Epic Bird: levitate53.2379%
Epic Bird w/crop58.5417%

Part Five: Heights

LocationHeight (feet)Height (meters)
Owl Wing Thicket2897883
Un'goro Crater-966-295
Ironforge Peak2634803
Stonewrought Dam385117
Hand of Gul 'Dun1121342

Part Six: Free Fall Parameters

Gravitational Acceleration (g)12.7 m/s^2
Terminal Velocity (vterm)119.0 mph
Distance to reach vterm (hacc)365.5 feet
Time to reach vterm (tacc)4.2 sec