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Raid Progress

Raid Progress: Horridon in Throne of Thunder: First defeated on April 28, 2013

Horridon is Horridone.

After many, many attempts, with some amount of frustration rising... the poor tortured, blinded, controlled dinosaur has been set free (that's a euphemism for killed).

At first, we needed heroism to get through the 3rd gate, but that left us in trouble in the final phase running up against the enrage timer. So, we worked a little bit harder, got a little bit cleaner on the transitions, and...

... then had to get the War God faster. Heroism helped! A lot! Two seconds PAST the enrage timer, Horridon was finally conquered. And no, we can't extend the raid ID.

So we get to do this again. :D

Special thanks to Boradinn for helping out, and to Byakuren for being in an unfamiliar spec and managing to help us eke out the victory!


Boradinn, Byakuren, Ebonmorte, Lotte, Mesilana, Mirenna, Prymusunum, Ravenbane, Valifadin and Welton


Credit goes to Ravenbane for our catchy title here! — Mirenna at 30 Apr 2013 5:01 PM