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Raid Progress

Raid Progress: Ji-Kun in Throne of Thunder: First defeated on August 18, 2013

Ji'kun ... Grounded

Last weekend, we took a quick look at Ji'kun, and learned a little bit about how it went. This week, we attacked him in earnest.

After ironing out how to have two teams get benefits from the nests, we finally settled on Lotte healing Cyradis and Panter as they winged from nest to nest (or died trying)!

To speed the fight a bit, we went with two healers.

And finally, everyone needed to learn the mechanics... when to use flight, when to fly up and eat nutrients, when to pop personal cooldowns to survive the bad stuff.

And, on the last attempt of the day, after the "first last" try had some mis-steps from the noob raid leader, we got him down.

As always, and maybe we don't say it enough -- a great attitude from everyone, and a good amount of dedication. Special thanks to Drunkage of Union, too, for helping us out today! (And to Jadefrost for filling in on our fresh run yesterday!)


Boradinn, Cyradis, Drunkage, Ebomorte, Lotte, Mirenna, Panter, Prymusunum, Svetaköln and Welton


Good job everyone! We're halfway done w/ ToT!!!! — Tyrine at 19 Aug 2013 6:45 PM