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Raid Progress

Raid Progress: Twin Consorts in Throne of Thunder: First defeated on November 9, 2013

Much Harder than Tortos

Seriously, this was much harder than Tortos.

Tortos took 85 tries. Consorts took 1.

Tortos required that everyone live, and we bring three healers. Consorts required two (and one suffered a horrible death a bit earlier than we'd like).

Tortos required the total concentration of everyone. Consorts was downed with Cyradis running all willy-nilly all over the room learning dance moves or something.

Tortos left us all weeping in relief. Consorts caused Amani to remark: "I thought Throne was hard?"

Clearly, Twin Consorts was harder than Tortos. That's just science.

Twin Consorts

Amani, Cyradis, Dahija, Epsilonp, Frizzy, Gadgetcraig, Lotte, Mirenna, Ravenbane and Welton


I could be wrong but I don't believe that's Robole. — Tyrine at 12 Nov 2013 7:47 PM