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Raid Progress

Raid Progress: Kormrok in Hellfire Citadel: First defeated on June 25, 2015

Grabby Boss Gets Too Grabby

Every once in a while, watching a boss strategy pays off. Especially after we adapt it to our own unique style. :)

Once we learned how to punish Kormrok when he got all grabby, it was almost smooth sailing. And our ranged did a fantastic job on the empowered explosive runes: They executed that part flawlessly, freeing up the melee to murder the boss!


Amaris, Azzurus, Byakuren, Cyradis, Drakarr, Ironcod, Izolde, Kronos, Lotte, Mirenna, Ravenbane, Shaada and Turanor


Cyradis is like Pepe... you need here in that screenshot even when she misses the whole fight from disconnecting! — Mirenna at 26 Jun 2015 3:28 PM