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Raid Progress

Raid Progress: Hellfire High Council in Hellfire Citadel: First defeated on June 25, 2015

Panic Healing Lets You Know You're Alive

This one took some adjusting, too. The gist of it is: Minimize unnecessary damage so that as the healers panic heal, you have a fighting chance to live.

This one has an interesting pace, tough at the start, brutal in the middle, and almost easy toward the end, but with a tight dps race that we did really well.

I'm sure we didn't do all the mechanics perfectly, but we did pretty darn well considering all we had was Ironcod's memory of a PTR video!

Once we had the general positioning figured out, it was fun! :)

Hellfire High Council

Amaris, Azzurus, Byakuren, Cyradis, Drakarr, Ironcod, Izolde, Kronos, Lotte, Mirenna, Ravenbane, Shaada and Turanor


Baylee is totally ruining my moment by running in front of me :P — Turanor at 28 Jun 2015 10:14 AM
you forgot my name :p — Mylldor at 27 Jun 2015 11:55 PM
Byakuren seems... tall... — Mirenna at 26 Jun 2015 3:35 PM