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Raid Progress

Raid Progress: Kilrogg Deadeye in Hellfire Citadel: First defeated on July 18, 2015

So Much For Freewill

If your fate is unescapable, what is the point of freewill. Do our choices matter at all.

Fortunately, this is a game, and if Blizzard wants poor Kilrogg to be doomed to fall to our merry band of adventurers no matter what he does, so be it! We're happy to oblige (even if it DID take a few tries to accomplish)!

Staying ahead of the adds proved *much* easier with a heavy dose of ranged instead of our usual "hey let's all play melee" team. :)

Kilrogg Deadeye

Azzurus, Byakuren, Cyradis, Elarthal, Ironcod, Izolde, Krònòs, Lotte, Mirenna, Pidjapode, Shaada, Starias, Thellmar and ßayléé


Congrats! — Turanor at 20 Jul 2015 6:21 PM