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Raid Progress

Raid Progress: Fel Lord Zakuun in Hellfire Citadel: First defeated on September 5, 2015

Fel Lord Fell

I think we spent more time planning the fight than fighting it.

First time seeing him, and first pull, and it was a win.

The mechanics are straighforward, albeit with a fair amount of movement. Dodge waves unless you're playing goalie to protect a column. Try to get the columns stacked near each other.

We failed at goalkeeping a couple times, but the damage is manageable to heal. I suspect on heroic, we would have been in a lot of trouble, but this is normal, and this is where we learn. :)

Oh, and Grommash? You're welcome. Cause we're all about ... saving orcs?

Fel Lord Zakuun

Acerok, Amaris, Arrald, Baylee, Byakuren, Garaggot, Izolde, Kronos, Mirenna, Pidjapode, Prymusunum, Ravenbane, Richina, Shaada, Shandralore, Turanor and Welton