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Raid Progress

Raid Progress: Varimathras in Antorus, the Burning Throne: First defeated on January 27, 2018

Lich King Disease, Part Deux

Varimathras, so patchwerk-like. A bit of movement back-and-forth, but in heroic, the disease.

Get away! Then come back! But not too soon or it spreads like... ahem... the plague. Come back too late? You die.

With the latency woes of last week behind us, we quickly settled in, and all it took was a clean attempt and Varimathras was very much dead!


Arunasura, Astuun, Lyceris, Mesilana, Mirenna, Raewyn, Ripples, Shaada, Shandralore, Svetaköln, Thephia and Valifadin