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Raid Progress

Raid Progress: Aggramar in Antorus, the Burning Throne: First defeated on March 3, 2018

Slow Down, Fire is to be Savored

Normal Aggramar? Murder adds.

Heroic Aggramar? No murder adds.

Well, murder big adds. Little adds we space out. They go BOOM.

At first, there was mass confusion... how in the world do we space out their BOOMS without dying from the pulsing damage of the big adds?


You don't.

You murder the big adds, then do the little adds during the regular phases.



Astuun, Kathy, Kayhless, Lyceris, Mesilana, Mirenna, Raewyn, Ripples, Shaada, Shandralore, Svetaköln, Thephia and Valifadin