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Raid Progress

Raid Progress: Lei Shen in Throne of Thunder: First defeated on November 26, 2013

Shocking Upset of Lei Shen!

We were a bit rusty, and may have neglected to describe a few of the mechanics... which just goes to show us that LFR just gets us into bad habits. :)

Anyway, once the tank rotations were down, and the rust shaken off, and the little blue swirlies were under control, it went pretty smoothly!

Thanks to Penzer for filling for our tank shortage!

And grats to everyone on our first official guild clear of Throne of Thunder. :)

Everyone please note the happy dancing bears in the screenshot. Who doesn't like dancing bears?

Lei Shen

Boradinn, Darkwhisper, Diarmuid, Mirenna, Penzer, Prymusunum, Ravenbane, Shaada, Superguy and Welton


Sumbled upon this ridiculousness, and felt i had to Share with (inflict on) my fellow Moonwell Dancers: Thanks for bringing me into the nebulous and ever-changing Moonwell raid team. — Shaada at 30 Nov 2013 3:52 AM