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Raid Progress

Raid Progress: Garrosh Hellscream in Siege of Orgrimmar: First defeated on July 1, 2014

Got ya now, Garry!

As the flex kill happened, I wrote: "Normal will undoubtedly present a more challenging fight, but it can't be any harder than the stupid turtle, right? Right?!"

As it turns out... yes, it was much harder. A wipe total of 130+ makes it by far the most difficult time we had with a boss.

About a third of it was finding the right strategy for our play style. About a third of it was everyone getting accustomed to all the mechanics at the right time. And that final third was disconnects, strange aggro, some buggy timers, and a bit of downright bad luck.

But we persevered, and everyone put a tremendous amount of hard work into this!

Many players contributed beyond those actually part of the first kill, and we will be getting Garrosh kills for them! Cyradis, Foravin, Shaada, Skagerrak, Sytith, Tygrath, and Xiaojen will get their chance!

Garrosh Hellscream

Delycaon, Ebonmorte, Krònòs, Mirenna, Omei, Prymusunum, Ravenbane, Robole, Shandralore and Welton


Sytith, Foravin, Shaada, and Tygrath got their first kill with Welton, Mirenna, Delycaon, Krònòs, Lotte, and Svetakoln on August 7, 2014 :) — Mirenna at 8 Aug 2014 3:10 PM
The first flex kill was on May 1, 2014 — Mirenna at 3 Jul 2014 4:44 PM
Acerok, Ebonmorte, Epsilonp, Lotte, Mirenna, Nikkto, Ravenbane, Shaada, Svetaköln, Welton and Xiaojen were there for the first flex kill — Mirenna at 3 Jul 2014 4:44 PM