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Raid Progress: Imperator Mar'gok in Highmaul: First defeated on April 2, 2015

King Gunna See Someone!

So, all those earlier Highmauls we ran? The ogres were all saying, "The King don't want to see no one!" And like the extremely polite guild that we are, we decided to respect his wishes.

But no more! That whole 6/7 thing was troublesome.

And boy is it a long fight. Stand just to the left of the mines. Unless they grow. Heroism on the adds? Madness. Hunters playing tag instead of shooting anyone.

Yup, this fight has it all. Did I mention it was long? But once again, Moonwell Dancers has shown that we do, in fact, have the attention span necessary! Now... what was I talking about?

Imperator Mar'gok

Aloredris, Azzurus, Gormenghast, Ironcod, Izolde, Kronos, Mirenna, Nygh, Shaada, Shandralore, Sytith and Turanor