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Raid Progress

Raid Progress: Algalon the Observer in Ulduar: First defeated on March 25, 2011

Algalon Meets Moonwell

Black holes consuming us and constellations crashing around us. What could possibly go wrong?

In one of the more beautiful of Blizzard's fights, Algalon is the culmination of doing a number of heroic modes to earn the right to enter the planetarium.

And, in the end, Algalon is not an enemy, merely a temporary adversary!

He also just walks away. Really. So, the screenshot is from our first arrival.

Algalon the Observer

Cyradis, Dahija, Gormenghast, Kimber, Mirenna, Paradoxe, Prymusunum, Svetaköln, Thellwin and Titanhammer